Xbox One / Windows 10



Hey Miners!

It’s that time again, and we have some interesting changes for you to enjoy! This update is more experimental than usual with tweaks to the health system. Please try them out and share your thoughts using the Feedback button in game.

We realize it's a smaller patch than usual, but that's just because we're working on some meatier stuff in the background we're not quite done with yet. Watch this space for more info!

Also for Xbox Players we have added a Feedback button, where you can give some feedback to us. It is very helpful for us!


    Some of you hardcore miners have been requesting that the game was harder - especially on higher difficulties. We have tried to make tweaks that make the game harder on higher difficulties but feel almost the same on lower difficulties. We have lowered your starting shield from 30 to 25 and changed the shield upgrades to the shield from 10 to 2.5 (giving a 10% boost).
    To compensate for the lack of shield - we’ve increased player health from 100 to 110 hp. 
    Furthermore, the amount of healing you get from red sugar has been increased 25% and the amount of red sugar spawned in a mission has been increased by 10%.



    Exploring the caves of Hoxxes by yourself takes more time and can be brutal, so we have made it so the swarms will be a little bit smaller when you are on your own. Enemy health has also been lowered a little bit for solo expeditions. The creatures of Hoxxes are still dangerous so don’t drop your guard! 
    While he really wants to, Bosco can’t always save you from a cave leech. He feels really bad about it and has requested that he be allowed to revive you 3 times instead of 2. The request has been granted.
    In a continuing effort to perfect the Mactera Spawn, we have changed its health from 180 to 210. Remember to use cover and aim for the weak-spot!

image (13).png

Hey Miners!
It’s patch time again, and we have a bunch of cool new stuff for you! Tweaks, bug fixes, and the first new enemy! Also, along with these smaller updates, we are now initiating some larger content and feature development. More on this later, when we reveal a larger roadmap of things to come. 


A very popular request from the community has been for Bosco to join you when you start hosting a game. This way you can start mining with Bosco assisting you, while you wait for your friends or strangers to join your game. We have done a rough first implementation with no bells and whistles, and it works like this:

  • Bosco joins you when you start hosting a public/ private game and head in alone.
  • When the first a player joins your game, Bosco will self-destruct for that game session.

Jadiz has been one of the hardest crafting materials to collect and we have buffed it! Jadiz will now spawn a bit more often in the Crystalline Caverns region and we have changed the value range of it from 7-18 to 10-18. 

Some of you have been requesting been able to take nice clean screenshot and we actually also need that feature! Now you can Hold [H] to toggle the HUD on/off. 


    The Mactera Spawn is our first proper flying enemy. It will attack from a distance using its vomit attack. Smack that Fly!
    You can now come across strangely looking small tunnels coming out of the walls. Glyphid Swarmers live here. They are very territorial and will aggressively defend their nest! A simple advice: Avoid them! 
    Previously, when a dwarf was dropped from a dying Cave Leech, he might drop for a long distance, mysteriously taking no fall damage, which was as designed but seemed weird. Now the Cave Leech slackens its’ tongue and lowers you down more gently, making it seem more realistic that you don’t take fall damage.
    Direct enough firepower to those pesky armor plates to shoot them off and expose the soft underbits underneath!
    The Dense Biozone region of Hoxxes is now inhabited by large, passive, flying jellies.
    In the Mineral Trade Terminal you can trade your credits for crafting materials, but be advised that materials are priced fairly exorbitantly. You can also sell your precious crafting materials for credits, but again don’t expect a fair price. Deep Rock Galactic are always trying to maximize their income even if it comes from its workers! 
    The Gunner’s Revolver now has a proper reload animation - as well as a cool gunslinger move when you try the reload while it’s fully reloaded. 
    Range on the dwarves’ flashlights has been tweaked down from 12.50m to 11.00m, making them a bit weaker.
    Enemies are now less likely to go straight through thin cave walls.
    If for some reason the MULE does not find its way back to the Escape Pod, the doors will still open 15 seconds before countdown runs out.

...And tons of minor stuff, mostly bug-fixes behind the scenes, but also small visual upgrades. For full overview see the patch notes below.


  • Tweaked sound for drop pod drills on spacerig
  • Red Sugar is more red
  • Added Developer Tags
  • Fix carriable scaling after picking up in first person
  • Decreased maggot crawl volume
  • Cave leech audio tweak
  • Cave leech audio tweak again again
  • Revolver reload
  • Tweaked Sound on electric crystal
  • Affliction overlay now does a quick fade in
  • Death Cam overlay tweaked
  • Droppod audio tweak - Not as loud in space rig
  • Shotgun audio tweak
  • Spawn effects when enemies come out of the ground now work on clients
  • Added ground light and gunlight seperation + added a backlighting making dead cam look better. 
  • Fixed - Your own vanity would not show as equipped to you on missions or in the spacerig.
  • Changed the first person weapon lighting, and submitted at shitload of material tweaks to match it..
  • Try to fix players spawning on top of each other
  • Try to fix delay on collectibles again!
  • Hooked up armor & health bar in player down hud
  • Added Resources to serverlist display
  • Added Third Person Character Turning (WIP)
  • Fixed electric crystals making death noises and particles when removed during generation
  • Submitted a lot of particle optimizations, to improve performance in Fungus
  • Fixed sentry gun reload audio not networked correctly & outline being always on
  • Tweaked hit indicator coloring
  • Increased sticky flame life time
  • Fewer Electrocrystals, smaller damage radius, longer pauses between connections
  • Fixed flamethrower first person particle effect being too small
  • Mineral distribution changed, Gold and Nitra are more evenly spreadout throughout the cave
  • Trading Terminal
  • Improved headshots on spiders
  • Made tentacle lower player to ground on death
  • Glyphids now only stagger when hit by weapons
  • Don't play death particle on headshot
  • Fixing cave leech accidentally 'reviving' dead dwarf
  • Pathfinder improvements. Less going through terrain.
  • Added audio cue to swarmer tunnel spawn
  • Passive Jellies added to Dense biozone
  • Changes to tunnel settings - Less small tunnels in some regions
  • Bettersound on radioactive glowing crystals
  • Small tweak to revolvers accuracy. 
  • Improved laserpointer performance when checking against terrain
  • Bosco now spawns if you start a game alone and dissapears if someone joins
  • Swarmer tunnels with new material, sound, particles
  • Fix enemy healthbar initial state for weakpoint indicator
  • Shoulderlights tweaked down from 12.50m to 11.00m reach making them a bit weaker.
  • Added correct name to torn off glyphid legs
  • Added Shooter leg, instead of reusing spitter leg.
  • Changed lighting on the electric plants, and optimized the particles a bit.
  • New flamethrower fire.
  • Added ignition effect for when enemies catch on fire.
  • Added Weakpoint Kill Particle for the flyer shooter
  • Players will fall from the zip-line if they take sufficient damage
  • Hold H to toggle HUD on/off
  • Glyphid Dreadnought area attack now does full damage in the entire area (There was a falloff before)
  • Tweaked Jadiz amount - Fixed bug where Jadiz spawning only had a value 2 to it having a 2 to 3 range + Changed value range from 7 to 18 to 10 to 18
  • Decreased loot from loot bug: amount of chunks spawned was 15-30 now is 15-25 and chunk value was 1-4 now is 1-3

Hey Miners, on Xbox One and Windows 10.

Update 10 and 11 are ready for you! We hope that you enjoy the update!


  • Fixed several issues with mouse sensitivity. Sensitivity was not the same in Space Rig and in a Mission, they are now the same. Sensitivity had different values for horizontal and vertical, they can now be set in option.
  • Disconnecting controller no longer disables mouse and keyboards
  • Test fix for primary monitor (somewhat untested!)
  • Fixed Grappling hook infinite life bug


  • First implementation of different tunnels for every planetary region
  • Added crystal spikes than can drop from the ceiling in Salt Pits
  • Sticky Goo added to Fungus Bogs
  • Electro Crystals are added and can be found in the Crystal Caverns Region
  • Try to prevent dead end tunnels when they are really small and have tight bends.


  • New icons for Complexity and Length. It should now be more obvious that Complexity is a serious difficulty increase.
  • Complexity icons now shown above Mission icons
  • Mission payout directly show below Mission icons


  • There is a new switch in the space rig, I wonder what it does?


  • Cycle through players while waiting to be revived or for the game to end. No more staring at your soon to be corpse!


    • Sawed off Shotgun shoots 15 pellets dealing 6 damage each - increased to 10 damage each
    • Sawed off Shotgun Max ammo 30 bullets - decreased to 16
    • Sawed off Shotgun Max Ammo Upgrade - decreased from +10 to +8 


    • Starting Ammo Capacity changed from 1800 to 1600 rounds.
    • It is now fed ammo continuously from a single, upgradeable ammo drum - no more reloading!
    • Overheats slightly faster - tweaked from 10 seconds of continuous fire to 9.
    • Overheating is more punishing - time to cool down raised from 8 seconds to 10
    • Upgrades reworked: Upgrades involving ammo and magazine increase have now been made to only focus on the magazine size. First upgrade originally gave you +400 bullets to max ammo it has been changed to +400 to magazine size. Second magazine upgrade will give you a total boost of +400 bullets where it before only increased the magazine size. Resulting in the Gatling Gun packing impressive 2400 bullets when maxed out! 
    • New Tungsten Bullet upgrade for Gatling Gun has been added allowing you to boost the damage 25%. A mandatory upgrade for players with affinity for Extreme difficulty.
    • Added smoke effect to make it more obvious when you overheats


    • Changed viewmodel FOV for 100 to 90
    • First person view of Weapons are now less stretched
    • Reduced overall clipping issues


    • Pickaxe will be less aggressive in hitting non hostile objects
    • FIX: Grappling hook getting stuck in grapple mode
    • Prevent Pickaxe when using Last Equipped weapon key
    • Rephrased super shotgun upgrade to match that it does not get double barrel fire only faster fire rate.
    • Fixed Shotgun reload speed upgrade not showing correct numbers


    • Bosco can now detect smaller veins of minerals when you order him to mine
    • Bosco is now be better at not being in the way when you're mining minerals

    HUD / UI

    • FIX: Control layouts now contains Controller Layout (again)
    • Fixed large upgrade digits barely fit in the UI
    • Mission Map locked mission gfx update
    • Mission Map: Mission Icons now transparent if mission is locked, Password has correct spacing
    • Fix ui bug if incoming player is kicked before he selected character


      • Added more space between text lines on terminals (for accented languages)
      • Updated all languages from Crowdin
      • Korean added to game


      • Driller Pistol Reload Animations
      • Driller Pistol and Scout Shotgun are now considered reloaded when it fits the animation, not when the animation ends. This will be implemented on other weapons when they get their own reloads. (Sound update missing)
      • Fixed console background anims on clients
      • Laser Pointer gfx update
      • Background removed from Interact popups
      • Damage Overlay gfx updated
      • Improved cave leech sounds
      • Made Fire animations for flamethrower and gatling gun loop correctly instead of starting over repeatedly
      • Fixed tracer on assault rifle
      • Shield & health damage overlays now clears after revive
      • Drop Spike audio fix
      • Added maggot crawl audio
      • Tweaked camera offset on 1st person arms.
      • Gatling Gun muzzle particle offset tweaked
      • Tweaked Tentacle audio location
      • Add Weapon Sway to all items
      • Added new gatling overheat particles
      • Power Drills is now smoking when they overheat.
      • Scaled up the flamethrower particles


      • Server list defaults to not show password servers
      • Asteroids no longer smooth shaded on loading screen!!!
      • Controller Right stick is now used as mouse scroll wheel
      • Remove Steam Friend test when inviting friends. Private sessions should handle it better now and it was preventing clients inviting friends that were not friends with the server.
      • Fixed Molly not being Golden in Memorial Hall when unlocked
      • Make Molly and the large spiders prefer to walk on floor
      • Fixed Weapon crash
      • Enemies are no longer "staggered" by physical damage (Melee)
      • Fixed updated Ammo and Clip size was not applied when you first spawned into the mission
      • Changed Item scale in first person so that they clip less with other objects.
      • Minor fix. Make molly prefer positions on floor when searching for random spot
      • Try to fix/improve network errors. Enable kick of players that have not selected a character
      • Fixed flare gun flare randomly getting ejected from walls when they are destroyed nearby
      • Fixed depth meters for Biomes
      • Better support for pathfinder blockers and danger zones. NPCs recalculate paths when entering an area that has changed.
      • You can no longer revive while carrying a gem
      • Fixed enemies not being able to walk where the drop pod was landed after it has taken off
      • Platforms can no longer form inside the drop pod
      • Supply Pods can only be called down on terrain.
      • Better host quit message
      • Newest FOV changes... moved the weapons a bit further away in some animations
      • Fix dwarf status is not shown on endscreen

      Hello Miners!

      Deep Rock Galactic has now been in the wild for 2-3 week and we are now hard at work getting new updates out based on the feedback we get.

      --- Beards and Hairs ---

      Lots of new beard and hairs option in the Vanity shop. And some fixes so you actually see your customized Dwarf in the various menus.

      --- Driller Buffs ---

      The Driller is probably the most unique class in Deep Rock Galactic, so we were sad to see our iconic drilldozer valued below the other three classes in usefulness. Therefore, we have tweaked both his Flamethrower and Drills. In the detailed patch notes below, you can see the exact stat changes, which might also give you some hints on how to better utilize the Driller.

      --- Payout on Mission Failed & Kicking ---

      • Two issues pretty quickly started to show themselves: Dissatisfaction with the way we’ve handled a Mission Failed scenario in regards to payout, and the fact that players could be kicked from the team at any given time. We’ve worked out a first pass on a solution for both these, as listed below:
      • Firstly, it used to be that failing a mission meant NO payout at all. Now, failing a mission will give you a compensation of 25% of the minerals stored in Molly at the time of the mission ending.
      • Secondly, getting Kicked from a team will result in a Mission Failed case, where you will receive compensation based on what was added to Molly since you joined that session.
      • It is now no longer possible to Join or being Kicked from a team once the Drop Pod has been called and the final countdown has begun. This is a test for now and we’ll monitor the outcome - and it’s a pretty easy fix, so we can quickly backpedal if needed.
      • Also, it is extremely important to understand how Mission Complete works. You might think that the rewards are split out between survivors. They are not. We calculate the total and then each player in the session gets that same reward, regardless of the size of the team. On top of this, each surviving player adds a Survivor Bonus, which has been boosted also. “Leave No Dwarf Behind” should be the ethos here - the more players manage to get out alive, the greater the bonus for all involved!
      • We have elected not to implement vote-kicking with this update, despite some players asking for it. It’s a fair bit of work to implement, and we are not completely convinced it is the way to go at this point. That said, there are good arguments both for and against this feature, and we will continue to monitor the situation. The same goes for a vote button on Molly.

      --- Localization ---

      We have opened up for 18 more languages. They are mostly based on commmunity translations, so most of them are not 100%. And there are some known issues with certain text strings that will not show special characters.

      --- Bosco ---

      Detailed in the patch notes below, Bosco has received a fairly significant buff, and his ability to kill Cave Leeches should have been improved. We write “should” since this issue will need further work to squash fully, but it should at least be a better experience all round now.

      --- Roadmap ---

      Last week, we had a big feedback meeting here at the Ghost Ship office. We’ve gathered all the feedback from you, the players, as well as feedback from the dev team and our partners. There are SO MANY cool things we can and will do to expand Deep Rock Galactic. Task for now is to choose which ones go in the game, and in which order, and we plan to reveal a greater and more comprehensive road map for the coming months over the next few weeks.

      --- Patch Notes ---

      Mission End

      • Survival Bonus is doubled up from 75 credits to 150 credits pr surviving player

      • Mission Failed now gives a 25% compensation reward based on minerals collected

      Co-op sessions

      • Getting kicked now results in Mission Failed, compensation based on contribution

      • Added a new flow and info for Kicking and getting Kicked

      • You can no longer Join a session after Drop Pod has been called

      • You can no longer Kick a player from a session after Drop Pod has been called

      • Tweaked text on Mission Map in regards to new public/ private flow

      • Add Private Server checkbox in escape menu

      • Added indicator for a joining player to team view

      Solo mode

      • Bosco should now save you from the cave leeches more consistently

      • Bosco now also gets to play with the big lights. He goes woosh and then you can see a lot more than before :)

      • Bosco now has friendly fire reduction 0.2 instead of 1

      • Bosco Deals 100 % more damage (doubled from 3 to 6)

      • Bosco now gets a 250% speed boost when you order him around. Also increased his acceleration from 300 to 550

      Class Balance: Buffed the Driller’s tools

      • Flamethrower Fuel capacity upped from 160 to 270 units, and each canister holds 90 instead of 80 units. That means the flamethrower now has fuel for three full reloads instead of two, and each reload holds more fuel.

      • Flamethrower Range upped from 8.5m to 10 m

      • Power Drills: Fuel upped from 30 to 35

      • Increased walk speed while drilling with 10 %

      • Melee damage with drills: Attack speed has been DOUBLED, while the damage of each attack has been lowered from 10 hp to 8 hp. (to compensate for double attack speed)

      • Upgrade Melee Drill damage: 5 hp to 4 hp (to compensate for double attack speed)

      Sound, Effects & Animations

      • Added several new beards and hairs (we'll keep adding more of these)

      • Idle animations on Pistol and Revolver (also triggered by Reload on full ammo)

      • New reload for the Jury-rigged Boomstick

      • New soundFX (death splat sound, tutorial pop up sound, revive sound, maggot ..)

      • New reload for sawnoffshotgun

      • New Spitballer sound and Maggot sound

      • Changed the flamethrower smoke back to black... It was white, and it was a mistake.. Now it looks awesome again!

      • Added new dance move at the Jukebox


      • More cave shapes added to the random generator.

      • More randomness on existing cave shapes.

      • New sticky web environmental hazard. Don't get caught!


      • 18 languages added!

      • Updated community translator credits

      • Added missing characters for Polish language.

      • Some buttons with text did not correctly update after a new language was selected.

      • Updated all languages with latest from Crowdin community

      • Fixed some text in Space Rig not showing correct in Russian   

      • Note: since we are also adding new text, you will keep seeing some part of the game in English

      Misc Fixes

      • Vanity items would sometimes not be correctly displayed on the dwarves in the terminals.

      • Key '5' is now available for custom key bindings

      • Fix Late Join crash if joining right when the level ends.

      • Fixed: you can no longer edit the Hint text while loading!

      • Maptool not updating correctly when terrian changes

      • Fixed not getting memorial hall upgrade at player rank 5, 7 and 8

      • Fix Grappling hook intersects with poison clouds

      • Sentry gun fixes and tweaks

      • Fixed Mixer names on enemies being wrong if several people spawns enemies

      • Fix for push to talk

      • Fix spiders playing run animation while not-moving after being hit

      • Fixed various spelling errors and typos

      • Try to fix players are unmuted when someone else joins

      • Improved Crafting menu

      • Fixed Cabin Sign Text, more Crafting GFX improvement

      • Fix Supplypod leaves red squares when it goes down

      • Added Max FPS option

      • Added option to disable analytics

      • Added Keybindings to Options -> Control menu (yeah, it's 2018, and NOW we got key-bindings!)

      • Fix: Memorial Hall upgrade at Player Rank 5, 7 and 8

      • Fix: Grappling Hook intersects with poison clouds

      • Lots of crash fixes (thanks for the reports!)

      Known issue

      • Disband Team can take a LONG time