Hello Miners!
Update 25 is introducing a community feature, The Interplanetary Miners Union, through the Miner Community Terminal. We are here to answer a few questions you might have about it, so let’s get to it!

What is the Miner Community Terminal?

The Miner Community Terminal is a place for our community. There you can get a reward for joining our Discord server, and you will get access to The Interplanetary Miners Union, and select your Union Chapter. After joining a Union Chapter you will have access to Community Objectives. Those can grant you a monthly resource and credit reward, depending on how well the community progress.

Where are the Miner Community screens located?

There are currently 3 Miner Community Terminals located in the Space Rig. One of them is in the Abyss Bar area, another is inside the Med Bay, and the last one is located at the second floor, close to the entrance to the Memorial Hall.

What are the Community Objectives?

Once you join a Union Chapter you will be able to participate in Community Objectives. Those are collaborative goals. You will collaborate directly with your Chapter’s goal and with the Interplanetary Miner’s Union goal.

How do the Community Objectives work?

Everyone in your Chapter will contribute towards the Chapter Objective. The Interplanetary Miners Union Objective will progress based on the collaborative progress of every Chapter! You will have 4 weeks to reach your goals, which will give you a reward based on how well your Chapter did, and how well the entire community did.

How long is the Community Objectives cycle?

Mission period, where you can contribute with the goal, lasts 4 weeks. After that Recruitment period starts and it lasts 1 week. 

Is Discord required to partake in the Community Objectives?

For now, yes. Right now we are focusing this feature on our Discord community, that way we can keep it contained and receive quick feedback on it. But nothing is set in stone. If well-received we will keep building on this feature, dealing with the specifics of each platform.

Do Union Chapters have any other in game influence?

The Union Chapter you choose will only affect your Miner Community Objective. There is currently no other in game influence.

Why does a PSA screen show instead of the Community Objectives?

For now, the Miner Community Terminal is tied to our Discord Community, which means you need to have the Discord Desktop App installed and running with the game. If the Discord integration isn’t properly connected you will see a PSA screen instead. This feature might not work with experimental, unstable or not up to date versions of Discord. If you are running Discord as Administrator this feature will only work if you run the game (and Steam if you are using the Steam version) as Administrator as well.

I regret my choice of Chapter. How do I change?

If you want to change your Union Chapter for any reason you just need to wait for the Mission Period to end. When it does the Recruitment Period starts. During that time you can pay a fee and change your Union Chapter. Or convince others to join your Chapter.

Do you plan to expand on the Miner Community challenges in the future?

It’s all up to our community really. We want to hear from players and see what they think. If they enjoy where this is going we will expand on it. Maybe different challenges, maybe different rewards, maybe more features. We currently have a pool of 6 objectives implemented, with 6 more coming next month.

Are there challenges or goals designed for a specific Chapter?

No, right now all chapters get an objective from the same pool of objectives. That might change in the future based on community feedback on this feature.

Do you plan to incorporate the Union Chapters more in the game in the shape of voice lines, cosmetics, etc.? 

If it is something the community enjoys and wants to see in the game there is a good chance that we will incorporate more of it.

How do you balance the objectives?

Every time a new Mission Period starts all objectives are automatically balanced against the number of members on each faction at the beginning of that Mission Periods. That means that a Union Chapter with more members has a larger goal to reach than one with fewer members. That also means that if a Chapter recruits new players to join them while the Mission Period is ongoing, they will have an easier time reaching their goals. 

Can you join a Union Chapter and partake in the community objectives on Xbox?

Not currently due to some limitations. This might change in the future as we work on this feature.