Hello Miners!

We’re back in the saddle after some lovely summer vacation and have cranked out a new patch for you. In response to all the hot weather we’ve been having, we figured the obvious thing to do was add an ice biome. Right?



GLACIAL STRATA - a brave all-new icy hellscape biome, complete with unstable and deadly ice spikes in the ceiling, terrifying crevices opening up under your feet, exclusive enemy types, and the first iteration of our all-new Temperature system! Play it cool - just be careful you don’t end up as a meat popsicle...

  • Ice! The main material of the Glacial Strata planetary region is ice instead of rock, so fire melts it! Use this information wisely.

  • Deep snow! Look out for piles of it. It won’t harm you, but it’ll slow you down and is impossible to sprint through.

  • Frozen lakes! Watch your step - they’re quite slippery.

  • Hot Springs! The only relief from the biting cold, if you disregard the “tools” you carry with you.

  • Explosive Ice Plants! Use them to freeze aliens in their tracks, but watch yourself...they’re just as likely to hit you as the enemy.

  • Platform Plants! Shoot them to release the liquid inside - it will freeze instantly and form useful (but brittle) platforms for you to use.

  • It comes in two versions. Ice Bomber for the new biome. Goo Bomber for the other biomes.

  • The Ice Bomber, releases sickening streams of freezing substance as it flies past you.

  • The Goo Bomber, releases sticky streams of goo substance as it flies past you.

  • Frost Glyphids! Several species of Glyphid have adapted to the cold and will continue to hunt you for your lovely warm flesh even here. And watch out for the Frost Praetorian - it’s a stone cold killer. On the upside, they all seem quite susceptible to heat of any kind…

  • Cold Vents! Watch out for cracks in the walls and telltale horizontal streams of air - occasionally, they’ll let out blasts of bone-chilling wind.

  • Thin Ice! Walk carefully and keep your ears peeled. Deep chasms might just open up beneath you at a moment’s notice.

  • Unstable Icicles! Keep an eye out for algae-filled icicles in the ceiling. The slightest disturbance tends to make them fall thunderously to the floor and shatter. Woe be to any that stand underneath them at that point.

  • While body odor remains low on the list of dwarven priorities, keeping an eye on your body temperature is now more important than ever. Get too low and you’ll get frozen in place. Get too high and you’ll burst into flame. Keeping towards the center of the scale is safest.

  • Certain actions or items will reduce or increase your temperature. Some, such as the flamethrower, are pretty self-explanatory.

  • Enemies follow the same rules. They can be both frozen and set on fire, though they’ll have unique resistances or weaknesses depending on their species. FYI: Frozen enemies can be shattered if enough damage is applied to them...

  • New HUD icon so you always know what Bosco is up to.

  • Bosco no longer mines dirt that is closer to the Player than the wall instructed to mine at.

  • Bosco now always goes for the Grabber / Cave leech that grabbed the Player.

  • Bosco will not revive the Player without being near him/her after getting killed by a Cave leech or Grabber.

  • Tweaked Bosco’s priorities - he’ll now focus on the enemies instead of mining when instructed to.

  • Optimization while pointing at enemies.

  • Tons of new voice lines added.



  • Fixed Molly choosing to walk away while someone is depositing. Manners, Molly!


  • Fixed Scout IFG Grenade not applying the proper damage resistance penalty.

  • Fixed an issue with Ziplines where clients could move slightly and increase speed while on the zip line.


  • The Spitball Infector now starts dormant and only wakes up if you get too close or it is injured in any way.

  • Mactera Spawns have become much weaker to melee attacks.

  • Mactera Grabber should no longer scream unless it’s actively chasing you.

  • Enemies should no longer continue making sounds after they’re dead. Stands to reason, really…

  • Mactera Spawn should no longer get stuck outside the Navmesh after dashing.


  • Fixed framerate drop when pointing the laser pointer at Glyphid tunnels and embedded minerals.

Changelists from Experimental Builds (Steam, where we had it tested)