A small message about Achievements

Hey Miners!

Many of you are asking about achievements, and we will try to explain how it functions, and why they aren't implemented yet.

First of all, we want to implement them on both Xbox and Steam. We are going to add some on Steam in the near future, to get a first batch done and to get a feel for what works. We do this on Steam first, as we there can change and reset the unlocking process at any time. On Xbox, we are not able to do so, and since the game is still very much in development, we risk creating achievements that are later made void. Which we, of course, are not interested in doing.

So if you are playing the Microsoft Store version, either Xbox or PC, we hope that you can patiently wait for achievements to arrive. It might not be until the game is fully released (out of Game Preview), which is still some time (many months) away.