Hello, Miners!

It’s exciting times here at Ghost Ship Games! We’ve just hit yet another massive milestone - our One Year Anniversary since releasing into Early Access/ Game Preview - and are in proper celebration mode here at the office. A simply fantastic year - and a simply fantastic community. We think we’re on to something pretty special with DRG, and the overwhelming response from you guys tells us we’re far from the only ones feeling that way.

Now, announcements!


The price of the game will be increasing to $29.99/€27.99€/£24.99! As the community and awareness of the game have grown, so has our scope for it. In short, we want to keep expanding on DRG for longer than we initially planned - and with that in mind, we feel perfectly confident in raising the price a bit to help fuel development. Current owners obviously won’t be impacted by this at all, apart from getting more game than you originally paid for - and the price increase won’t hit until some time late in March, so there’s still plenty of time for potential new players to grab the game at the current price.


For the game itself, we are looking ahead once again. We’ve got a lot of decisions to make and a lot of design to nail, but the headline of our deliberations is probably this: For several updates we’ve focused on stuff like upgrades for Bosco, weapon mods, backend improvements, overhauls of how we do Difficulty, and so forth - critical additions that make the game a better game - but we really wanna get back to making the caves themselves cooler now!

Roadmap Revision 6.png

As the updated Roadmap will reflect, we kick this off with Update 23. We’ll be rolling out several all-new enemy types, as well as a buttload of new variations on familiar faces. We’re quite excited about this - getting ever closer to that critical mass of enemy variation where we can start pushing for more clever encounters, as well as more biome-specific stuff.


We’ve been lucky enough to squeeze some more tracks out of our lovely sound boys, so the game’s soundtrack will be getting a healthy injection of brand new tracks soon! These tracks will, of course, be added to the soundtrack available on Steam as well. 



And finally, the long overdue overhaul of our key art is here. It’s been a long time coming - the old piece has served valiantly since pretty much the inception of the project - but now it’s time for the new hotness. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. :D

That’s pretty much it for now - we just want to thank you all once more for your fantastic participation and love, and to wish you a very happy party. The First Anniversary of Deep Rock Galactic - here’s to much more of that!

Rock and Stone!

The Ghost Ship Crew