Update 18.5: HALLOWEEN!


Good EEEEEEvening, Miners!

Halloween is upon us and we have made a small update for you to get spooky! We don’t really consider this a true update since we are working on the next big update which will include new weapons and upgrade system and a total makeover of the prices for vanity and upgrades. Exciting times ahead!



  • Pumpkins added to the Space Rig for you to kick!

  • Trick-or-Treat Pumpkins in the caves. Try your luck smashing them!

  • Limited sale of Pumpkin Helmets! Boo muhahaha!!!!

  • Banner in Abyss Bar and moody lighting.


We have been really positively surprised to see how well the retirement system has been received. However, we never intended people to go through a full retirement cycle as fast as we can see some of you are doing right now (as low as 4 hours). Our intent is that leveling a character to retirement level should take much, much longer. We have right now made a bunch of fixes to the existing system, but with update 19 you should be expecting a much bigger change to the system of Retirement and XP's. Consider yourself warned :-)

  • Prevent Giving Retirement Rank if you have 0 XP

  • Prevent multiple clicks on retire character in the UI

  • Retirement assignments mission rewards removed

  • Triple XP is now Double XP


  • Fixed crash when failing Salvage mission during fuel pod stage

  • Fix for damage indicator could get stuck on the screen

  • Fixed some minor issues in Magma Quake

  • Graphics Settings: Disabling fullscreen restore to prevent mouse issue and not being able to click continue into the game

  • Fix case of clients cant load on join

  • Fix scout IFG slowdown, was incorrectly set to only 30% slowdown, reset to 75%

  • Lootbug drop nerfed. Used to drop 15-25 value gold and Nitra - now drops 5-15.

  • Fixed Eliminations mission not always spawning enough cocoons. Dreadnought cocoon now carves a space for itself and has less strict spawn requirements

  • Fix for cursor disappearing on campaign reward window.