Roadmap - Revision 2


Hello, Miners!

Update 19 is edging closer, and trust us when we say we're as eager as you are to see it go live! It's going to be our most significant update and systems-overhaul since we originally launched, and it includes a ton of changes and re-balancing. Our last update, Update 18, changed some very core aspects of the game, and it made it clear to us that we need more time to test core changes like that before we release them to the Main Branch.

Therefore, we've chosen to extend development a bit on this update, and pushed Daily Adventures to Update 20. Consequently, this will push later updates a bit as well.

We would love to give you a precise release date for Update 19, but "Late November" is the best we can do right now.

The past few weeks have shown us just how tricky it is to develop on a live game (Early Access in a nutshell), and we expect to release a blog post on the subject sometime next week - keep an eye on the Deep Rock Galactic Official Club.

Until then,
Rock and Stone!