Update 19: Hotfix 1, 2, & 3 + Info on Upgrade Refunds

Thank you all for the feedback on Update 19 and especially for the weapon upgrade/ modifications. 

As expected it’s been very hard for us to fully balance Update 19 and make it 100% bugfree. With this hotfix, we’ve fixed most of the upgrades that were broken (Grappling Hook is the only known one still lacking). We’ve also seen some comments on performance issues. We think it could be related to the introduction of videos on the character selection screen and those videos have for now been disabled for when you late-join a game. 

We’ve seen some people being confused about the refund given based on the changes we’ve made to the upgrade system. Let me emphasize that you’re being refunded with all the credits and resources you’ve spent on buying weapon upgrades in the old system and that you should be able to re-upgrade the weapons to their previous state after the refund. However, since we’ve greatly expanded on the number of available upgrades (modifications) you cannot just unlock them all with the credits and resources you got refunded.

The new modification system is not just a rework but more an expansion of the previous system. If you had a fully upgraded weapon before, after the refund you should be able to reach a very similar state (perhaps even buy some extra modifications). A fully upgraded weapon from before Update 19 should be quite similar to a weapon in which one modification has been bought in every tier of the new system. 

With Weapon Modifications, we aim to create a much deeper system that allows players to make interesting choices while they level up and to customize their loadout to suit their playstyle.

Again thank you all for the feedback, it really helps us make a better game! 

Hope it all makes sense :-)

Patch notes:

  • Upgrade UI tweak

  • Fixed issue with yes/no upgrade prompt

  • Overheat particle position tweak

  • Shield generator audio

  • Breach Cutter stats added

  • "Warthog" Auto 210 first tier upgrades fo Clip Size and Fire Rate values increased

  • Fix Pickaxe Damage upgrades

  • Plasma Charger's area effect doesn't cause friendly damage anymore

  • “Warthog" Auto 210 base recoil reduced

  • Fixed ammo widget crash

  • Following spelling/ naming errors have been fixed: M1000 -minus "bolt action" in assignment terminal + Retirement fixed to promote in perk unlock + Patch notes updated

  • Fixed unequip crash

  • Fixed campaign mission stats not counting

  • Video now only shows on terminal

  • Fix for Breach Cutter set deploy time for line

  • Fix late join crash

  • Fix a bunch of upgrades and stats

  • Dynamic Lightning material optimized and consolidated

  • "Lead Storm" Powered Minigun effectivity of the modification Cold As The Grave reduced

  • Remove footstep particles on spacerig

  • Shield generator sounds updated

  • Fixed black screen when completing a level with a downed teammate

UPDATE - Hotfix 2 - 3rd December 2018


  • Fix for completed campaigns not being counted correctly

  • Remove disable optimization

  • Weapon Modifications can now be unequipped

  • Make terrain scanner zoom speed a little higher

  • After the first promotion of a character, all assignments can be taken at any level.

  • Grappling hook stats added

  • Attempt to fix crash when joining when the game is shutting down

  • Autocannon's accuracy modification is now a 30% improvement to the base value

  • Breach Cutter modification Flying Nightmare, damage reduced.

  • Bombers now deal damage with their projectiles again

  • Fixed Plasma Charger overheat particles would never go away

  • Fix flamethrower could not burn spider webs.

  • Tweak Det pack model size

  • Updated weapon images for the assignments board-terminal

  • Added Gunsling and reload first person and third person animations to the Grappling Hook.

  • Foley sounds added to new dance moves 

  • Added third person sawed-off shotgun reload

  • Rename Armor Penetration to Armor Break to be more clear

  • Cobweb shader can burn

  • More Croppa is spawning in magma caves 

  • Fix Error Cubes being affected by hazard level. You should never be able to get more than 1 from a map.

  • Attempt to fix Dual Pistols being visible at the start of a mission

  • The level requirements in assignment terminal will now be red if they are not met

  • Hide weapon when a dwarf is taken by cave leech

  • Fixed headlights being turned off when approaching escape pod

  • Fix m1000 stays zoomed in if changing weapon while in focus

  • Fix flamethrower particle FX can sometimes break

UPDATE - Hotfix 3 - 4th December 2018


  • Fixed spelling errors

  • Plasma Charger normal shot friendly fire greatly reduced

  • Fix sound issues if you deposited an egg too soon after it was dug out

  • Fixed Minigun and other fast firing weapons could do reduced or no damage at sub 30 fps.

  • Fix burst pistol, burst damage bonus mod. Add missing burst pistol stats

  • Fix crash when latejoining

  • Pickaxe can once again help unfreeze your fellow dwarves

  • Fixed laser pointer couldn’t point at gunners shield and radioactive crystal damage zone

  • Player and character progress updated correctly on all terminals

  • Changed Voice Volume options name to be more clear

  • Assault rifle: Base accuracy improved. Floating Barrel mod accuracy, Increase value increased. Gyro Stabilisation mod description expanded.

  • Fix last grenade warning triggering always for scout and that it did not trigger for other characters

  • Fix inconsistencies with how many minerals are in your stash and cost of items. (Stash would round up, but the check if you could afford would fail because it did not)

  • Fixed Equipment Upgrades, Bought missionstat not counting + savegame fixup

  • Fix Minigun not doing damage when at max stabilization and not having the mod that tweaks that installed

  • Fixed 'Assignment Complete' window not closing when countdown is finished