Roadmap Update

Roadmap 2018 Dec.jpg

Hello, Miners!

Our surveys have told us for a long time that you wanted deeper character progression and a choice of loadout. We didn't anticipate just how much you guys wanted it! 

This quickly became clear to us, though - as Update 19 went live, we saw a huge increase in concurrent players, reaching a peak we haven't reached in the last 9 months! That's beyond awesome, and it makes the extra effort we put into Update 19 feel very much worth it. You guys continue to humble and amaze us. :)

While that's all good, it did have some consequences for the roadmap. The wake of Update 19 can still be felt in the office, as we're right now hard at work getting ALL the existing gear and tools to work with the new Upgrade / Mod system, as well as finishing up the graphical overhaul for the remaining old models. So, to allow us to get this properly finished, we've had to push the next updates a bit. The revised Roadmap image above illustrates this, as well as several other additions/tweaks. 

"Daily Adventures" needs a special mention here, as we have pushed this feature several times already. This is the last of the big, system-changing features in the currently scheduled roadmap (so not counting the Then-Maybe section) and we want to get it right rather than rushing the release of it. On top of that, the extra time is also extremely valuable to us in that it allows us to gather a lot more data and feedback on the recently added Assignment, Promotion and Weapon Modification systems.

Later today, Experimental Build for Update 20 should go live, and we expect Update 20 to release early next week - hopefully Tuesday the 18th, just in time for the Holidays. 

Rock and Stone!