Community Update - May

Attention Miners!

Welcome to the second Deep Rock Galactic community update! First and foremost, we hope you have been enjoying going face to face with the Horrors of Hoxxes in Update 23. It’s been great to see all the positive feedback, and we’re looking forward to hearing what you think of the next big update. In regards to the release of Update 24, we are pushing the release back a little bit, to be able to finetune and polish the new content some more. We are confident that the update will land May 15 (On Steam; Microsoft Store Versions (Xbox One and PC) 1 -2 weeks after) - remember to check back in due time for the experimental release (Steam).

Fan Art
We’re still blown away by all the amazing fan art that the community keeps pumping out, and below you’ll find a small selection from our different channels.

Drilling in the dark
This first moody Driller piece comes from DIwiion Discord.


Discord user Grimjakwent above and beyond merging DRG with Alien, one of the big inspirations.


Leave no dwarf behind
This black and white piece from Discord user Lesolanturned out great.


Cotton Eye Karl
This video from Discord user Vooker525is beyond description. Just watch it.

Why would you even...
Reddit user JoeDuncan made an enemy suggestion that’s too good not to share. It’s aptly named “Brood Nexus Warden Bulk Bearded than you Grabber Detonator” because it’s all of those things.


Last, but not least, our mention of the endgame in our roadmap resulted in this great Avengers mashup from Reddit userGryphonKingBros.


Content Teasers
So what is coming in Update 24? We’ve already shown a little bit on our different channels. If you missed it, catch up below.

New grenade types

Gunner End Mission celebration

The drone delivers

End Mission Flex

Slimy Swarmers

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