Roadmap Update - April 2019


Attention, Miners!

Due to glyphid swarmers in the machinery, the roadmap update has landed a little later than usual, but boy oh boy is it a good one. First of all, Update 24 will arrive early May instead of April, due to the Easter holiday in Denmark. Contentwise, for update 24 we’ll be getting a bit handsy. We are introducing no less than [REDACTED] new grenade types- not the big one we teased on Twitter, but we’re confident that everyone will be happy with their new throwable ordnance. Also, you want more swing in your pickaxe? There’s a mod for that!

With new things to throw at the enemy, we’re also giving you more to throw at. In Update 24 new creatures that go bump in the night will show up on Hoxxes IV and if you have been following us on social media, you might recognize a few.

We weren’t completely satisfied with the anticlimactic way missions were ending, so we are revamping the end screen to make it feel more… victorious if you make it out alive. Those left behind might not feel the same.

Some of you may have noticed that we are adding Steam Achievements (Yes, we did see the spreadsheet tracking it on Reddit). However, since we have a lot of Achievements coming up, they will not make it into Update 24. We’d rather do some more work on them and listen to suggestions and feedback, before letting them out into the wild. Please leave a comment on this post, on the subreddit or on the Discord if you have suggestions for cool achievements.

In regards to future updates, we’ve begun to look at the endgame of Deep Rock Galactic. Our vision is to keep you engaged and rewarded past the first promotion of your dwarves, whether it’s adventures, useful upgrades, equipment, or overall challenge. The endgame will tie into the Daily Adventures mentioned on the roadmap, but with the significant change that it won’t be daily and we will change the name of Daily Adventures to reflect this (once we come up with something fitting).